Boo’s motorhome adventure

It has been a dream of mine for about twenty years to go on an adventure in a motorhome with some dogs in tow. The freedom to hit the road and go wherever you please, whenever you please is so alluring: it was the sole reason I learned to drive! Sadly, I’ve not been able […]

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Pugs have got issues and they need our help

Pugs are all over the media at the moment and for good reason. Vets are worried about their health. I think they’re right and I’m glad they are bringing Pug (and other short-nosed dogs) health problems to people’s attention. I want to share my experience of having a Pug with you because I believe education […]

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Looking for stock photography models

  I have a stock dog images site which contains over 8000 images of happy dogs in the outdoors. While I can offer plenty of happy pictures of dogs posing or running around enjoying themselves, commercial picture researchers and buyers tell me they struggle to find other types of images though: dogs being trained, various […]

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