Outdoor dog photography all day workshop – April 15th


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Come to Brighton on the 15th of April for a fun outdoor workshop where I will teach you my style of dog photography. It’s fun, relaxed and informative and you can bring your dog.

I’ll show you easy-to-use techniques that you can start using straight away. You don’t need a posh camera. You’ll learn skills and ideas that work with any type of camera, but you will need a camera that can adjust aperture and shutter settings.

I will run 2 workshops, Basic and Advanced, each lasting 3-4 hours and for up to 6 participants and their dogs (you do not need to bring a dog).

Here’s what they cover:

Basic skills

  • Making the best of lighting
  • How to engage your dog and keep them interested
  • The use of angles
  • The importance of background, setting the scene and the rule of thirds

Advanced skills 

  • Shutter techniques – capturing dogs at speed
  • Aperture techniques – creating beautiful portraits
  • How to photograph more than 1 dog at a time
  • How to photograph dogs with people

You will also receive two booklets to take home with you that cover the course content.

With each workshop you receive an 8-page guide with detailed instructions for you to follow the techniques at home.


How much does it cost?

  • £150 for both workshops – Basic and Advanced workshops in a day as part of a group. Payable in advance through my site.


  • We will visit two locations around Brighton. Generally, I like to go to one countryside location and one beach, but it depends on the weather conditions and so I always confirm a couple of days before.

What if the weather is poor?

  • We can do the workshop in lots of weather conditions but if it’s due to rain we will postpone.

What are the times?

  • We aim to finish around sunset time if it’s a sunny day but if it’s cloudy it will be a bit earlier. Again, I need to check the weather a couple of days before to confirm. The workshop will last approximately 7-8 hours or so, with a break in the middle to rest/eat/move locations.

Do I need to bring a dog?

  • No. I can provide models but you must let me know if you are not bringing a dog. All dogs that attend must get along with other dogs. We can’t have any squabbles…

I don’t have a car

  • Often I can pick people up from the train station but I am limited for space in this respect. Please let me know if you need a lift.

Do I need any photography skills?

  • Not really, but it would be handy if you know how to adjust aperture, shutter and ISO on your camera. If you don’t know what these mean I can explain but there is, of course, less time for this on a group workshop. If you are a complete beginner you might want to consider a 1-1, but don’t let this put you off, I have had complete beginners attend these workshops and get a lot out of them.


A friend and I had a lesson yesterday with Rhian and had a great day, lots to think about, lots of fab tips that we really would never have thought of and the dogs had a blast on the beach too, win-win situation! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so freely!

Had a fantastic time on Sunday with both the basic and advanced workshops. Learned so much from Rhian and her teaching was not only informative but fun too. Highly recommend these courses for anyone who wants to take the best photos of their fur babes.

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