Your dog photographed for a tenner at my new micro-shoots!

This Wednesday and Thursday (21st and 22nd of March) you are invited to join me for my new micro-shoot sessions, where you can simply turn up, pay £10 cash, and I will photograph your dog. Micro-sessions will be open-to-all, you never know how many people/dogs are going to turn up, but if you and your dog end up being the only ones who come and meet me you will have me all to yourself! If loads of people and their dogs turn up then I will do my best to spend at least 15 minutes which each dog. If you have two dogs it’s still £10, but any more it’s an extra £5 per dog. Bring a whole pack!

Why am I doing this? Well, this Wednesday and Thursday we are going to experience the Spring tide in Brighton, which only happens twice a year. This is where the tide goes out so far at low tide it exposes lots and lots of sand. Sometimes it goes so low you can walk up and underneath the old Pier. Imagine the pictures! It’s not going to be quite as low as that this year, but it will be low enough for the dogs to race around on oodles of nice soft sand, and they can also run in the shallows around the old pier.

Where will I be? Well, I will be hanging around as close as I can to the old Pier and photographing any of your dogs that you bring. You can bring as many as you like! There are no guarantees with the weather, so it’s a come and see type of thing and you only pay the £10 if I am able to take some shots of your dog. The weather is looking quite good though, so the sunset could be amazing. I’m very excited as I have never experienced the Spring tide before.

Ok, so in short this is what you need to know:

• I will be on the sand in front of the old Pier between 4-6/6.30pm, this Wednesday and Thursday.

• I will post on Facebook when I am there and also if the weather turns bad and my plans are abandoned.

• Just turn up, there’s no need to book. Simply come and find me, I shouldn’t be hard to find. I will have my brown BDP hoody on, Polka dot wellies and I will be accompanied by a pesky Pug!

• Come at any time and for as long as you like. I might be able to come back to you for more photos.

• There are no free prints with the micro sessions. I will post a link on my blog/facebook and send you can email within a couple of days with a link to where you can view and buy prints. There is no obligation to buy any prints. Take a look at my current print prices.

• You must be a Brighton Dog Photography Facebook fan to come to the micro shoots. If you’re not a fan, get to the page now and click ‘like’!

• Tell all your friends with dogs, it’s going to be loads of fun for the dogs and we will get some cracking shots!

Any questions on the day you can always call me on 07810 51620, but bear in mind I might not be able to get reception all the way out there and I also might be busy with other dogs. But just head as near as you can to the old Pier and you should find me.

I hope to see you there for this really exciting event!!

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