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It has been a dream of mine for about twenty years to go on an adventure in a motorhome with some dogs in tow. The freedom to hit the road and go wherever you please, whenever you please is so alluring: it was the sole reason I learned to drive! Sadly, I’ve not been able to get one of my own in the last two decades, but imagine my excitement when I was offered the opportunity to take a motorhome away on a trip to do a review for Dog-Friendly magazine. This was an opportunity I could not miss!

Enjoying a game of travel scrabble and some welsh cakes
Enjoying a game of travel scrabble and some welsh cakes

LandCruise Motorhome Hire, based in Chichester, gave us their dog-friendly ‘Roverhome‘ to try out, which has a dedicated dog area at the back and is exclusive to them. When they showed us around it and I first stepped in my first thought was ‘wow!’. I was so excited for the week ahead: it was so smart, spacious and had everything we needed.

Where are we going next?
Where are we going next?

So off we set for our adventure to Snowdonia, with Boo and her pal Betty safety tucked away in their snug area. It’s funny, at first driving it feels a bit odd because I am so used to a smaller car and, of course, you do have to go more slowly than normal, but that adds to the feeling of not being in a rush and taking your time, enjoying the view and the drive itself being part of the fun. Plus the fact that you can stop when you want and make a cup of tea is also great!

Amazing views everywhere

So where did we stay? Well, I know that all the Caravan club sites are dog-friendly so I figured why make things harder for myself while doing my research, let’s just go with them and we know we will always be welcome. A lot of them have dog walking areas too so I knew there would be somewhere for Boo and Betty to have a sniff and do their ablutions. So first up we stayed in Pandy in south Wales, then we travelled on to Snowdonia the next day and stayed in a beautiful part of the national park, in Coed Y Llwyn site near Ffestiniog. The drive up there was really spectacular and being up higher in the van i’m sure I saw more than I would normally. We spent time walking in the most beautiful scenery and driving through such amazing landscapes. I even had time to do the fastest zip line in the world, at Zip World Velocity. It’s terrifying but once you realise you’re not going to die it’s actually quite fun!

Next, we headed to Harlech to get a taste of the Snowdonian coast. It’s just as beautiful as the inland areas of the park and if you like the coast then you will not be disappointed visiting here. It’s almost too difficult to decide which beach to visit! Harlech itself is huge, but we also visited Abersoch on the Llyn Penninsula – most definitely worth a visit, not just for the beach but for the town too.

Going for a run on Harlech beach

Driving around in the motorhome I found one of the things that amused me the most was that all other motorhome drivers give you a little wave. Not caravan people, nor camper van people, just the motorhome lot. It’s like you’re in an exclusive club and I really got into it.

Here’s a bit more about the motorhome itself as I know a lot of people have been curious about how it’s dog-friendly. Well, it has an area at the back which used to be the bottom of a bunk bed, which has been removed. They have added a dog gate, which is very useful to keep the dogs safe while driving, but also to stop them getting under your feet while cooking and lastly, if they are really wet and muddy from a walk there is a side door they can go through and straight into the dog area. Both Boo and Betty chose to chill out and go to sleep in this area as they knew it was theirs, but dogs are allowed all through the motorhome so you don’t have to worry, they can sit with you while you eat dinner.

Very comfy and cosy in their own space
Very comfy and cosy in their own space

LandCruise Motorhome Hire themselves were really great: firstly the home was like new and spotless, their service was great and they made the whole process very easy for us so I’d definitely recommend them as a hire company.

Spacious and smart
Spacious and smart

All in all, I’d say the motorhome experience was great. The dogs loved the adventure, I loved the fact you could make a cup of tea literally whenever you like. It was very comfortable of an evening and you could snuggle up in the warm, put a film on, enjoy a glass of wine and just be glad you’re not in a cold tent!

Not a bad view while making a cup of tea!

Watch out for my full review soon in Dog Friendly magazine.

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How wonderful! I would love to do that too – take a dog, in a motorhome and go somewhere completely new! 🙂

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