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My dog-friendly Brighton map has 227 listings of pubs, cafes, restaurants, B&Bs, hotels and parks, from Portslade through Brighton and Hove to Saltdean.
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Looking for dog-friendly Brighton?

My dog friendly Brighton listing brings together accommodation, cafés, pubs and restaurants, parks, beaches and some shops in the city which are friendly towards you and your dog. There are so many other quieter areas, as well as the central parks, that are close to Brighton that your dog will be sure to love too and not just the beach (which can be very crowded and hot during the summer months).

Building this listing has enabled me to bring all of my local knowledge together to help other dog owners. Brighton really is SUPER dog friendly. If you are visiting Brighton you and your dog will have an amazing time and if you live here you'll be sure to discover loads of new places to visit with your furry friend. I've only included venues that allow you and your dog inside - those which said dogs are welcome "only outside" have not been included.

It would really help me to get feedback from anyone who has visited a place listed and they did not have a very dog-friendly experience. Please contact me here with any information you think would make this listing better and please let me know of places I have missed.

Please note that currently none of the listings have been sponsored and their inclusion does not necessarily mean an endorsement, unless where I've written one. I will try to visit every listing eventually, but in the case of accommodation I will be unable to do so and rely on feedback from visitors to this page.

So after you have walked, shopped, wined and dined what else is there for you and your dog to do in Brighton? Have a photo shoot with me of course - it's fun and we go to all the best places that your dog will love.

Here’s to making the Brighton and Hove area even more dog-friendly!

Please note:

BEACHES: all are dog-friendly all year round except between the 1st of May and 30th of September. Points in the beaches category on the map indicate the areas which remain dog-friendly all year round.

MISC: This section contains a supermarket and some shops. I have not actively planned to do a full listing of all the dog-friendly shops (there are so many it would take too long) but will include them here as and when they are recommended to me.

Comments (13)

Can add to the list for Hove also:

Station Pub
100 Goldstone Villas

The Stoneham Pub & Pizzeria
153 Portland Road

Just been to The Park View on Preston Drove.
Very dog friendly..was asked if the dog needed water and also there are dog treats on the bar.

Hi Alan,
sorry for the late reply. Many thanks for letting me know about them. I already had the Station Pub in my map but have added the Stoneham Pub & Pizzeria.
Best wishes.

Hi Sandy,
many thanks for letting me know about this pub, I will make sure they are happy for me to add them to our list.
Best wishes.

Hey, Black Mocha coffee shop in the North Laine allows dogs, So does Al Duomo restaurant by the pavilion. We also go in to the Wick Inn and Freemasons on Western road and The Tempest on the seafront. All the ones I’ve just mentioned also do great food! 🙂

Hi Brian,
many thanks for sending us these. We have some of them on our list already but will check with Al Duomo, just to make sure they don’t mind being on our list. But keep up the good work and let us know if you find any others..always a good reason to go to the pub 😉

Hi there,

Im not sure if you are looking to include Kemptown but there are some great dog friendly places there – The Black Dove, Brighton Rocks, Neighbourhood Bar, The Thomas Kemp (nice food), The Sidewinder (also nice food). Also in Hanover there are quite a few dog friendly pubs – The Dover Castle, The Constant Service and The Setting Sun to name but a few. Hope that helps! I always come and have a look at your map when I take my little Maltese out with me in Brighton 🙂

Hi Claire,
Thank you for the suggestion. If you look st the map we actually have already included kemptown and many of the places you suggested 🙂 but you are right, we don’t have many in Hannover yet and will try and add your suggestions.
Please let us know if you have any that we currently do not have in the map and we will ask the venue if they can be added.
I am glad that you find the map useful and hope you enjoy a nice weekend with your little dog 🙂

I’m in the process of moving to Brighton with my little Yorkie. This map has been so useful. Thank you for taking the time 🙂

Hi Pamela,
I am glad you and your little dog like the map and good luck with the move. Maybe see you around.
Best wishes, Rhian

Hello, I love your website. I’ve got lots of friends with dogs I’m going to recommend it. But you don’t have my pub on it. I’m the landlord at the Pub du Vin on Ship street BN1 1AD . We’ve love dogs here. We’re part of the Hotel du Vin which is also dog friendly. I’m new as the landlord and I’m planning on getting in dog treats too.

Please can you add us to your lovely website and come in and see what we have to offer.

We do a great promo of a main course and a pint of a glass of wine for £12.95 Monday to Friday.

Please pop in and say hello.

Kind regards
Alex Fairgrieve

Hi Alexander,
We actually have you on the map already, you can find it when you search by name or put in the post code. But its great to hear from you and that your pub is so dog friendly, we will definitely stop by soon.
Best wishes, Rhian

Plenty just off Preston Circus allows dogs.

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