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Looking for dog friendly beaches in Brighton? The beaches are all dog-friendly, except between the dates of the 1st May and 30th September. Between these dates the beaches, especially around central Brighton and Hove, are much more restricted to dogs.

For the official line you should check the Brighton and Hove City Council dog friendly beaches page.

My dog friendly map will show you where you can go between the restricted dates, the map marker is placed in the middle of each dog friendly area. Also, on the beaches there are big flags which show you that beach is dog friendly, at either end of the dog-friendly bit. The best places to go are to the East of Brighton Pier and towards the marina and beyond central Hove as there is little between.

The beaches are all pebbly, so not so friendly to little paws. But when the tide goes out enough there is some soft sand, so keep an eye on tide times.

You really should check out Lancing beach, which is a 20 minute drive West of Brighton. There are no restrictions to dogs, and the tide does not have to go out as far as it does in Brighton to reveal a massive sandy beach that your dog will absolutely love.

Fancy some inspiration? Check out my galleries for Brighton beach, Hove beach and Lancing beach (highly recommended for a bigger (at low tide), quieter, dog friendly beach all year round – only 20 minutes west of Brighton).

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Thank you so much for your tip with the Lancing beach. We went there today and it was so perfect. Lovely beach, not full and dogs are welcome. xxx

Hi Stefanie,
I am happy to hear that you and your dog have enjoyed Lancing beach. I often think that it can be nicer for dogs, especially in the summer when Brighton beach is busy and restricted for dogs.
Best wishes, Rhian

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