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Looking for dog friendly cafes in the Brighton and Hove area where you can take your dog? Luckily for us we are spoilt for choice as there are loads to choose from and there are some great cafes in the dog friendly parks too. I have not included in the map cafes that only let you sit outside with your dog. I don’t see this as particularly dog friendly so I’ve only listed those that welcome you and your pooch inside and out all year round, so you can sit outside in the summer and have a salad and get warm inside for soup in the winter.

All cafés listed on the map have been personally contacted and asked if they are happy to be included and they have all been very enthusiastic. I rely on you to help me keep this list accurate so if you have a bad experience or your dog is not made to feel welcome please let me know and I will follow this up.

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What a useful list, thanks so much! Out of all of those I only knew about Metrodeco!

So very helpful, thank you!

Wondered if anyone can help?. I am trying to find out the name of the ‘dog cafe’ in Brighton.
It’s a cafe specifically for dogs where they sell dog treats / cakes etc and where dogs can sit wherever they want . I have seen it on the television and thought it was around the St. James Street area but may be wrong . Would love to take our dog there when we next visit Brighton .
Many thanks
Emma (and Betty)

Hi Emma and Betty,

you must be talking about MetroDeco. Its the most dog-friendly cafe I can think about and it is located in Kemp Town. You can find it in my listings above.
Hope you will enjoy your visit there.

Just wanted to say all the Small Batch branches (there are five in total at the mo) are dog friendly. I went into the lovely Norfolk Square one the other Saturday and there were three dogs in there!

Thank you Eleanor, I will add those to the list. Keep in touch if you see anything inaccurate in my listings. Thanks 🙂

Hiya, great list! This has been an absolute godsend in combining my caffeine addiction with my beloved pooch…

Another one for the list; The Emporium on London Road opened earlier this year and are very dog friendly. The cafe is very spacious so ideal for those with bigger dogs as you won’t be getting under anybody’s feet.


I know you cover Brighton but does anyone know of any dog friendly cafes in Worthing, just like the ones shown above for Brighton, where they let your dog in, not just outside!


Not sure Stacey, but I have put your question on to the Brighton dogwatch facebook page. I am sure you will get some suggestions there –

‘The View’ on the Western Esplanade in Hove allows dogs in the sunny front section during the day – we walk all along the beach as far as the posh beach houses and back, stopping at The View for a coffee or lunch or whatever. The interior is a bit random but it’s nice to get out of the wind sometimes and still be able to sea the beach and the sunshine. x

The Crumpety Tree, Palmera Square, Hove.

Taylor Street Baristas on Queen’s Road is also dog-friendly, with dogs allowed inside and in the nice garden.

Try the munch cafe in Royal arcade, very dog friendly Worthing

Hi Marietta,
many thanks for letting us know. At the moment we are only going as far west as Portslade, which is why we have not included any locations for Worthing. But we will keep Munch in mind if we decide to go expand our map.

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