What is the format of a photo shoot?

The process roughly goes like this:

  • You book and tell me about your dog, their needs and where they like to go
  • I can advise on suitable locations
  • We meet and do the shoot (relaxed, informal and always fun) which is tailored to exactly what your dog likes to do, running around or simply posing and looking cute, whatever they like
  • I try and get as wide a variety of shots as possible and include you in the process
  • I edit the photos and upload the best to your own gallery
  • You order prints, gifts etc and use your credit code
  • The gallery remains in place should you or a friend wish to buy products any time in the future, however after a few months I reduce the numbers in your gallery to make space, but I will let you know.


How many photos will I get?

You never know what will happen on a shoot so I don’t offer a minimum nor maximum. Roughly it’s around 30 for the one hour and around 80-100 for the photobook shoot (which is two shoots on separate days).


What’s the best time of year for a session?

There are great opportunities all year round and what time of year you choose to book will depend on what type of photos you are after. You may like the bluebells in the woods in spring, the wild flowers of summer or the fallen leaves of Autumn. The beach, for example, looks the same all year round but the water is certainly more chilly in the winter!


What is the best time of day for a photo session?

Lighting conditions are most often best for photography early in the day or a couple of hours before sunset. In the middle of the day lighting can be quite harsh, especially if it’s a blazing hot day. Also, when it gets warmer, the middle of the day can become too hot for some breeds if we are not under any cover. Basically, I will make an assessment of your breed of dog, the time of year and where we are due to go for the session to decide what is the most appropriate time.


Can the whole family come to the session?

Yes, of course you can bring along who you like, but try to keep numbers to a minimum so your dog doesn’t get too distracted by too many people. Two is an ideal number for my purposes because you can call your dog between you. You can bring your children to the shoot and I can photograph the whole family with your dog too.


I live out of Brighton, can you come further afield?

Absolutely. 10 miles from Brighton I charge a 45p per mile travel fee for the whole journey, so, for example, if you wanted us to meet in Littlehampton which is a 22-mile drive from Brighton (44 in total there and back) I would charge 44 miles x 45p extra on top of your session fee = £19.80. More than 50 miles from Brighton I would charge a bespoke fee depending on the length of shoot and whether it’s a commercial shoot or not.


You say you travel across the UK?

Yes, I have been all over the UK with work. Depending on the location I may have to charge my commercial daily rate for long distances. If you live in or near Oxfordshire you may be interested to save time and travel costs by meeting me there – my family lives there and I frequently visit.


What if the weather is bad?

My basic rule of thumb is that I am happy to photograph in all weathers apart from rain. This is no fun for you, your dog or for my camera. I always check what the weather is doing a couple of days before our shoot and then confirm or rearrange with you. In a situation whereby we meet up for a session and the weather suddenly turns sour, I will decide if the weather is not suitable and we will rearrange another time to meet. Basically, until you get your allocated and paid-for time for photography we will meet up until you have received it, and this won’t cost you any extra.


I have more than four dogs, can I still book a shoot?

I am very happy to photograph any number of dogs. Please contact me for a bespoke price.


What happens after the session?

Once we have completed the photo session/s, I will upload a gallery of images to my portfolio site at Photoshelter. From here, you can use your session credit code to get prints or gifts and also order and pay for any others if you would like to. You can also use the credit towards downloads. If you don’t want to use Photoshelter I am happy to do this for you at no extra charge, although you will need to pay me for the orders you want first. I can go over the options for you after the session on the phone or in person at the session. The gallery stays live for 3 months, after which I reduce the numbers to make space but I always inform customers before doing this.


What is Photoshelter?

Photoshelter provide a fantastic service for photographers, enabling us to build websites that are great for our customers to browse and purchase images. All orders come via my Photoshelter site through myself and I expedite your order.


How much are the images?

Prices of prints start at £10 for a 6×4″ print. Prices of goods vary from this small price to £125 for a 22″ x 22″ canvas and there are many options between these two prices. Have a look at my ‘After the shoot: prints, gifts and downloads’ page.


My Photoshelter gallery doesn’t have the product I want

There probably is but I haven’t included it in my gallery. There are literally hundreds of available options and I didn’t want to confuse clients with too many options. Let me know what you want and I can probably add it for you.


Can I have the images on a CD?

I offer downloads of your images for sale, but the digital files are not included in the session fee.


Who owns the copyright?

I retain copyright for all my images, except for pre-agreed commercial shoots. If you need to purchase the copyright to your images please contact me for further information, otherwise images are sold on a personal use license. If you purchase the digital files you will be free to post the low res files on facebook etc and get them printed, but it is not permitted to sell them or enter them in to any competitions as your own nor to use them for any commercial purpose.


What are the best locations for photo sessions around Brighton?

Lucky for us there are so many great places! Personally, I like Stanmer Park, Sheepcote Valley, Ditchling Beacon, Devil’s Dyke, Newtimber Hill, Withdean Park, Hove lagoon and beach huts and of course the beach. These are ideal because the dogs can go off the lead and run around safely and of course the scenery is lovely. Preston and Hove Park are also good locations, but they are enclosed by roads so we need to be sure your dog won’t run off, and also there are more distractions (ie. other dogs muscling in on the action!). Anywhere on Brighton Beach is fine but it can get quite busy in the summer and dogs are banned from certain parts between May-September, plus some dogs don’t like the pebbles, other dogs absolutely love them (and the water), so it’s whatever suits you and your dog best. We can also go further afield to Lancing beach, Littlehampton, West Wittering and anywhere on the downs too. Just let me know your ideas, I’m very happy to explore new locations.


Will you do a photo session at my home?

Yes. The only place I don’t take photos is in a studio.


Will you take a photo of me and my dog with my dog on the lead?

Although I do prefer for dogs to be off the lead I understand this may not always be possible and there is still plenty we can do while your dog is on a lead.  If you have a nervous dog perhaps a shoot at your home would be more suitable, where they are most comfortable and chilled out. Or you could borrow a friend’s garden if you don’t have one.





I have a pet that is not a dog, can you photograph them too?

Yes. I have recently been asked many times to photograph other animals so now offer this as a service. Kids and families too.


How much does it cost?

The prices are the same for dogs but shoots do tend to take a bit longer. That’s fine, you can’t rush cats!




What’s the format of a video shoot?

An overall guide to the video shoot format can be seen on the professional pet videos page.


Will I be able to have the film on my phone and share on the internet?

Absolutely, you will be provided with two DVDs, plus versions that are playable on phones, plus a youtube version and you are free to upload to your preferred sites too.




How much does it cost?

I charge an hourly, half day and daily rate of up to £600 per day, which includes post-production time and the digital image files. I offer a 25% discount to charities on these prices. (Pictures of animals that need homes in rescues are always free).


I don’t have a model, can you help?

I have a network of clients and followers who provide me with an easy to reach source of models all over the country. I’ve been able to quickly and easily source the right type of animal for many commercial shoots, even for customers not based in the UK.


My deadline is tight, how long does it take to get the photos?

This depends on many things: your requirements, the availability of the models and myself. Once the shoot has taken place I am able to provide a very swift turnaround on the images.


Can we have copyright of the images?

Yes, I offer a commercial rate that allows you to keep copyright of the images.


I’m not sure what I need, can you advise?

Yes definitely. I’ve worked with so many different types of dogs and other animals that I am very experienced in being able to match a client’s requirements with the right type of model, location and style of photography.




Can I bring my dog to a workshop?

Yes, absolutely, I love people to bring their dogs and have a fun afternoon together. Your dog may not be suitable if they have a tendency to run off as this could distract from your learning, but I leave this to you to decide. I insist that dogs must get on with other dogs, so please do not bring your dog if they have any aggressive behavioural issues.


Do you run workshops all year round?

Yes, definitely!




I don’t just want to photograph dogs, can you still train me?

Absolutely, what I teach can also be translated to businesses that are not just dog-specific.


Do you also do 2-1 mentoring?

Yes I do and you both get £100 off the total price.


Do I need to bring a dog with me?

No, although you can if you feel they won’t distract your learning. I source different models for the shoots on both days so there is no need to bring your dog to practice with.


Have any further questions? Please call me on 07810 516120 or drop me an email.