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I have a stock dog images site which contains over 8000 images of happy dogs in the outdoors. While I can offer plenty of happy pictures of dogs posing or running around enjoying themselves, commercial picture researchers and buyers tell me they struggle to find other types of images though: dogs being trained, various issues and behavioural problems people have with their dogs either in the home or outdoors, dogs being fed, groomed, walked on a lead etc.

So I’m looking to build up a new section of my site to cater for these types of image buyers and hopefully will sell some pictures to publishers, newspapers, magazine etc.

Would you be interested in your dog being on my model database? Your dog doesn’t necessarily need to have behavioural issues to be involved. As stated above I’m looking to cater to a variety of needs.

If you can say yes to the following please get in touch:

• You are based near Brighton or can come here for a photo shoot.
• You agree to be in the images.
• You agree that any images taken can be uploaded to my stock site and I have the right to sell them in perpetuity and anywhere in the world.
• The shoot is FREE, but if you want any of the images you will need to buy the prints or downloads like a regular customer. I will give you a £15 credit code to spend – prints start at £5.

If you have a house/garden we can use this would be a distinct advantage.
I am looking for any breed and age of dog.

If you would like to be involved please get in touch with me at rhian@brightondogphotography.co.uk

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